Celebrating 30 years serving the legal needs of the people of Western Pennsylvania.

We are committed to providing an extraordinary level of personal attention to our clients’ interests. ┬áMany of our clients find it comforting to know that they can contact one attorney who is willing and able to attend to all of their legal needs.


Areas of Practice

When it comes to choosing an attorney to handle your legal matters, you should consider key factors such as experience and background handling cases similar to yours.

Separation and Divorce

We are prepared to help you initiate a divorce or avoid litigation by drafting a Marriage Settlement Agreement.

Custody and Child Support

We assist all families in reaching an agreement about child custody, visitation, and support. We can also assist with modifications and violations of agreements and orders.

Traffic Violations

We have a long history of being able to resolve traffic violations.

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

We are able to assist you with your estate planning needs or assist in the administration of a Decedent’s Estate.

Criminal Defense

We can mount a vigorous defense to any serious criminal charges.

Driving Under the Influence

We have been successful in assisting clients avoid the pitfalls of a DUI conviction.