Traffic Violation
From running a stop sign to passing a school bus, moving violations can lead to a loss of driving privileges. “Points” are also assessed for most moving violations.

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License Restoration
Alternative Licenses are driver’s licenses that are issued to certain individuals who have lost their driving privileges. These licenses may only be issued in accordance with specific guidelines.

An Occupational Limited License (OLL) allows a person who has had his/her driving privileges suspended due to a driving violation the ability to obtain a driver’s license for the limited use of driving a designated motor vehicle to and from the person’s residence and place of employment or study. It may also be used to go to and from scheduled or emergency medical examinations or treatment. A person may be issued only one OLL every five (5) years. In order to qualify for an OLL, a person must have been a licensed driver prior to suspension.

The person must also never have had his/her driving privileges revoked, disqualified, or recalled. If the holder of an OLL commits a violation, the OLL will be recalled. Not all suspensions qualify for an OLL.

A Probationary License (PL) is a non-commercial driver’s license that may be obtained by a person who has had his/her Pennsylvania driving privileges suspended or revoked for five (5) or more years. The holder of a PL may drive between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. However, PennDOT will consider extra hours upon request. A PL cannot be used to drive a commercial vehicle, motorcycle, or moped.

A PL is issued to an individual once in a lifetime. To qualify for a PL, a person must have served and consecutively earned credit toward a portion of his/her suspension/revocation period.

The driver’s record must be free of driving offenses, demonstrating the person has not driven during the minimum period of suspension/revocation.

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